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Unipart Cyber Security, a Unipart Group company believes in ensuring the digital world we all live and work in is protected. We are information security specialists dedicated to providing a range of bespoke services to better protect your data assets and IT systems. Our aim is clear: to work in partnership with you to help ensure maximum integrity of your assets at all times.


We offer any combination of critical services to our customers, including penetration testing, breach monitoring, incident response, cyber security training and information security consultancy to maximise your security. Working across a number of industry sectors gives our consultants the knowledge and experience to build best of breed cyber security solutions to safeguard your business, enable operations and to secure value for tomorrow, today.

Cyber security is an ongoing process. We work hard to deliver continuous improvement, providing the thought leadership your decision-makers need to fully protect information from cyber criminals. Combining pioneering hardware and software with our technical expertise, Unipart Cyber Security ensures you have the cyber security protection you need to keep resources protected from cyber attacks.


It is Unipart Cyber Security’s mission to ensure the cyber security of national and international businesses through the application of a bespoke range of certified products and services enabling businesses to maximise their potential safely and securely.


We will protect, enable and secure business in the digital environment by understanding the real and perceived needs of our clients individually, and serving them better than anyone else.


Underpins all our work, we hold ourselves to only the highest standards.


We believe in leading from the front developing our products and services to suit you and evolve faster than the threats that exist.


We love what we do and we’re sure you will too.


We aim to understand your needs better than anyone else and therefore serve them better.


We deliver above and beyond.


“CHS Healthcare chose Unipart Cyber Security to provide cyber security services because of their long established track record and confidence that their services would be of the highest level. Working with Unipart Cyber Security was easy and flexible, and commercially the service was very competitive. I would certainly recommend Unipart Cyber Security’s solutions to other businesses.”

David Mitchell, Finance Director, CHS Healthcare Ltd.

"The Unipart Cyber Security team who worked on our requirement, responded quickly and professionally, and engineered their solution to meet my tight funding deadline proving their adaptability and customer focus. Once engaged they were responsive to my requests for information and they were very communicative about the process that we were jointly undertaking."

Dave Ruddock, Managing Director, Electronic Warfare Solutions Ltd.

Peace of mind.

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