Cyber Security Sales – The process of decryption

21st September 2016 | All

Let’s agree on one thing, in the world of Small/Medium Enterprise Businesses, cyber security is a relatively new concept. At least in comparison to many other industries such as manufacturing or logistics.

My world of cyber security sales started in 2015 and I hadn’t anticipated the variety of clients I would meet. With my underestimation came astonishment of variations of understanding on what cyber security actually is.

I have sat in one of the world’s largest businesses where ISO27001 was a completely new concept to them and have encountered SME’s that were completely oblivious to what ‘hacking’ actually was, unbeknownst to them that they had actually already been compromised previously! I recall a cybercrime book I once read that suggested the computer, the slave, will be soon become the master. I think that time is fast approaching.

We live in a technological dependant world but don’t understand how technologically vulnerable we are. As I sit here typing this article, I see a countless people sharing the same WIFI access point, oblivious of how safe and secure it truly is. I am convinced if I asked them, “I don’t suppose any of the sites you’ve visited whilst using this Wi-Fi have an SSL certificate?”, they would reply, “Come again?”

Sure, I may be pushing a point here, and I know many organisations are well on their way down the road to taking cyber security precautions, so please excuse me if this doesn’t apply to you. However, it cannot be ignored that, on the whole, most organisations share a common and firm belief, “It will never happen to me.”

Some of the comments I receive on a daily basis will amaze and amuse you, I hope, so I’ll let you in on a few. Picture this, I have spoken to the person responsible for data security, providing a helping hand in their cyber security pursuits, and the premise of our conversations involve:

  • “Well if you can provide no guarantee I’m going to be hacked then I might as well do nothing and leave it for the time being!”
  • “No thanks, we’re all sorted, I’ll just use my backups if we get hacked.”
  • “We don’t use our website for ecommerce so hackers aren’t going to target us.”
  • “We are too small to get hacked, but thanks for the offer.”
  • “Why would anyone want to hack us?”
  • “We have anti-virus, so our Cyber Security is sorted, we’ve got it all under control…”

It’s time to protect what you’ve built

These are all phrases I have heard on multiple occasions, with the exception of a rare few goodies. I truly wish I was joking. Although this is slightly amusing for anybody that understands the basics of cyber security, I truly feel the SME market is at risk and I, and our team at Unipart Cyber Security, want to help. Many of the business in the SME market are family run, built in a generation long before the threat of cyber breaches, and need a helping hand taking a step into today’s world of information and cyber security.

It’s fair to say that much of my time spent with SME’s involves educating, and this is the reason for this article. I want SME’s to see the risks that are present to them.

The courage and leadership required to survive in the SME market is not easy to come by, and I loathe situations where a cyber-breach has crippled everything an SME has had, it’s truly heart wrenching.

Could you recover?

There’s one major difference between the effects of a cyber breach for a SME to a larger Enterprise company, and that is that ‘bounce back’ ability.

Huge enterprises, when needed, have the resources and finance to contain and deal with a cyber-breach whereas nimble SME is less fortunate and less able to do so

Take from this article what you may, but one point I want to make clear – you are never too small to consider cyber security. Your anti-virus is simply not enough to cover your back. Taking action is better than waiting for your natural reaction. Small and Medium enterprise businesses are the back bone of our economy and I, like many others, would like it to stay that way.


Author: Johnty Mongan, Business Development Manger, Unipart Cyber Security

Johnty Mongan is Unipart Cyber Security’s Business Development Manager. With many years selling in a variety of sectors, he helps small to medium sized organisations protect themselves from cyber crime.