Incident Response

The best form of cyber security has always been prevention. However, in the event that your defences are breached, the Unipart Cyber Security emergency response team is waiting to respond in real time.

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The problem

The impact of any cyber breach is directly related to your incident management processes and the time it takes to respond to an incident. Only 10% of organisations have a formal cyber security incident management process in place – leaving the majority ill-equipped for dealing with a breach effectively.

Cyber security affects all businesses – and it is not just an IT problem. Proactive engagement of your whole organisation is vital to protecting against cyber attacks. When you do need to react, the Unipart Cyber Security response team is on hand to minimise the impact and restore full service at the earliest safe opportunity.

The solution

Unipart Cyber Security operates a mobile crisis team, always ready to react and provide the advanced technical and expert resources your business needs to provide an adequate response in the event of a cyber security breach. Our consultants conduct in-depth technical investigations and perform effective cyber security analysis to help you prevent future breaches.

How you respond to a cyber security breach is crucial. The Unipart Cyber Security response team uses rigorous protocols and processes to ensure that the breach is identified, quarantined and resolved. Our response team also collects evidence that can then be passed on to authorities, allowing them to pursue and prosecute hackers and cyber criminals.

The integrity of your organisation is heavily reliant on the ability to identify when the scope and severity of a cyber breach is beyond your internal capabilities. When the situation demands expert technical resource, Unipart Cyber Security is on hand to identify, contain, and investigate any incident and help recover your systems, data and connectivity. Our consultants are able to coordinate every aspect of your response to a cyber security breach.

Technical Details

The Unipart Cyber Security response team is available 24/7, so we are available whenever and wherever you need us. The cyber breach response team is staffed by experienced, dedicated consultants and expert technical resource able to carry out in-depth investigations for immediate response and restoration.

More than simply responding to a cyber security crisis, Unipart Cyber Security is able to prepare your people, processes and technology to protect against future breaches. By partnering with Unipart Cyber Security you can avoid becoming another headline and mitigate evolving advanced threats.

Peace of mind.

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