Penetration Testing

We can rescue you, but we’d rather protect you. By testing your cyber security defences, we can provide you with a better understanding of your cyber security vulnerabilities that hackers may look to exploit. Unipart Cyber Security penetration testing provides bespoke evaluation of your system, network or application to help you understand the performance of your current cyber security provisions against cyber attack providing a detailed recommendation guide.

The problem

Daily, hackers identify new security vulnerabilities. Penetration testing, also known as a ‘pen test’, is a key tool in determining where your cyber security provisions and mechanisms fail and how they can bee improved. Penetration testing is also vital to prove compliance with cyber security regulations including ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS.

The solution

To truly understand how your systems, networks and applications would respond during a cyber attack, the Unipart Cyber Security penetration testing service uses exactly the same tools cyber criminals would use to simulate a malicious attack. Our market leading security testing and report is designed to give you peace of mind through a bespoke recommendation guide and confidence that your cyber security provisions are robust and capable of withstanding any unwelcome intrusion.

Unipart Cyber Security penetration testing enables you to effectively identify and prioritise risk and provides you with the required business case for information security expenditure – allowing you to evaluate future investments whilst analysing the effectiveness of your existing assets.

Technical details

Unipart Cyber Security penetration tests are effective, comprehensive and unequivocal, using both automated and manual testing to ensure that no vulnerabilities are left unidentified. We work in partnership with you to ensure assets remain protected from compromise or theft.

We use three major testing techniques:

WHITE BOX penetration testing:
Unipart Cyber Security White Box penetration tests allow you to assess your systems, networks, websites and applications effectively. Our technical experts simulate exploitation on each and every part of your security infrastructure, before walking you through the results of our tests at specified process gateways.

GREY BOX penetration testing:
A small number of your team know of and are prepared for the penetration test, allowing you to prepare an in-house response. Depending on the specifics of the test, we may also provide a small amount of information to the penetration testers, giving them an overview of the subject being tested. Your team will be fully briefed once the test has been completed.

BLACK BOX penetration testing:
Only those involved in sourcing the penetration test are aware that it is to be conducted, giving all the indications that the cyber attack is “real”. The Black Box penetration test provides a wealth of security information about the system(s) being tested, but helps you also evaluate your organisation’s response to a “genuine” cyber security crisis.

Peace of mind.

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