Training and educating your business community decreases the risk of Human error or manipulation. Unipart Cyber Security provides bespoke training that enables you to build a vigilant workforce, driving a sustainable cyber security culture.

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The problem

Cyber security incidents continue to escalate for unprepared or under-resourced businesses. A staggering 95% of all IT security incidents involve some aspect of human error. The cost of these breaches is also rising – the average cost of a breach for smaller firms was valued at £75,000, rising to £1.46m for larger firms. Factoring in the damage to reputation and branding sees the loss rise to £2.9 million.

Unipart Cyber Security training services can help reduce these risks and avoid costly breaches caused by human error.

The solution

Unipart Cyber Security training enables you to better protect your digital assets and reduce the risk of human error leading to a cyber breach. Using our engaging e-learning platform and a combination of on- and off-site managed events, training courses ensure that your workforce is better equipped to face the challenges of modern cyber security.

We deliver effective, tailored training to change employee behaviour and generate sustained engagement with the subject of cyber security in your organisation.

Training covers a range of tools and techniques that provide a safe way for you to learn about cyber security and cyber attacks. Each course demonstrates a range of tools and techniques including phishing simulations, social engineering, live hacking examples and danger recognition exercises to help employees better understand the risks they face at work, and how they can be avoided.

Partnering with Unipart Cyber Security for training services is equipping your workforce with the knowledge they need to protect your business from cyber crime.

Technical details

All training is fully bespoke, tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and workforce. We use a series of simulations to help you identify specific organisational units and individuals that require additional guidance or training to further raise cyber security standards in your business.

Peace of mind.

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