Zero Day Detect

Sifting through data and events coming from your security infrastructure is time consuming and intensive. Unipart Cyber Security’s Zero Day Detect solution offers mobile high-performance computing architecture that analyses input from firewalls, anti-virus consoles and operating systems to automatically assess the integrity of your perimeters and identify internal network security issues.

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The problem

The majority of businesses have experienced a cyber security breach recently. 90% of large organisations and 74% of SMEs reported a cyber breach during 2015. Often these breaches are only detected long after sensitive data has been stolen or exposed.

The Unipart Cyber Security Zero Day Detect solution identifies attackers and where your cyber security defences have been breached. The system also pinpoints attackers inside the network, and where your intellectual property may have been compromised or exposed.

The solution

The Unipart Cyber Security Zero Day Detect mobile solution is unrivalled in speed and effectiveness. The specialist platform uses hardware and software to provide structured processing of data, identifying established intruders and any information that has leaked from your organisation.

Our Zero Day Detect solution has a multitude of applications in addition to cyber security including forensic investigation, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property protection and virtually any other scenario requiring information security and data auditing.

Technical Details

The Unipart Cyber Security Zero Day Detect (ZDD) system uses hardware accelerated data analytics techniques to process large data sets, such as logs and events, to identify anomalies and incidents that warrant further investigation. The Zero Day Detect solution is capable of processing log files at up to 8TB per hour, ensuring Unipart Cyber Security can provide you with the answers you need when every second matters.

Malware can exploit vulnerabilities through a number of attack vectors employed by cyber criminals and hackers. Whilst your anti-virus may offer a first line of defence it often relies upon signatures to identify malware. With zero-day malware no defence exists as previous samples are not in existence in order to identify the signatures that prompt your anti-virus provider to distribute updates. We come to you, using our custom high-performance mobile workstation giving you the inovative discovery and analysis of any undiscovered attacks.

Peace of mind.

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